SuitYourself Singapore is the brainchild of three Nanyang Business School students. It is a local custom suits label that seeks to bring about quality fully made-to-measure suits at the most affordable prices.


SuitYourself Singapore came into existence to fulfill a personal need of us founders; we like well-fitting suits. This sounds like a simple need, but off-the-rack clothing just never fit right for the prices we were paying.

When it came to professional dressing, we were tired of choosing between overpriced tailored suits and often ill-fitting off-the-rack garments. We couldn’t find well-made, well-fitted products at a fair price point. So, we set out to create a new way for people to upgrade their wardrobes without emptying their wallets. As such, SuitYourself was conceptualised and started in May 2016, with the goal of helping students overcome these challenges.


We believe that image plays a crucial role in securing that positive first impression and our custom suit serves to play a part in boosting the confidence of any individual that dons them. Our brand also aims to convey class and confidence while bringing about the entire movement of men caring more about their dressing and demeanor.

"We embarked on a mission to offer great made-to-measure suits at a fraction of the price of comparable products of luxury brands."


We work directly with manufacturers and simply cut out wholesalers, other middle-men, and the expensive retail infrastructure that force traditional tailors to charge you steep markups. This allows us to keep our costs lower than in traditional retail and pass the savings on to you.

Tailored Fit at an Unbeatable Price