SuitYourself Singapore is a local made-to-measure menswear brand specialising in creating high quality garments for your everyday and once-in-a-lifetime moments at affordable prices.  

The brand was conceptualised by undergraduates to help the everyday men overcome the challenges of professional dressing - the prohibitively high prices of tailored garments and often ill-fitting off-the-rack clothing.


We believe that image plays a crucial role in securing that positive first impression and our custom suit serves to play a part in boosting the confidence of any individual that dons them. Our brand also aims to convey class and confidence while bringing about the entire movement of men caring more about their dressing and demeanor.


Made to order suits and shirts, custom fitted to every customer. Most importantly, at a fraction of the price of comparable products of upmarket brands.


We believe deeply in using only the highest quality materials, with a superior look and feel, and a durability that will dramatically increase the lifespan of the product. Our materials are sourced from the best vendors from around the world and are hand selected based on the quality of the materials, and the ethically sound nature of their production.

We work directly with manufacturers and simply cut out wholesalers, other middle-men, and the expensive retail infrastructure that force traditional tailors to charge you steep markups. This allows us to keep our costs lower than in traditional retail and pass the savings on to you.