5 Reasons Its Time To Get Another Suit


As I began writing these article, I thought of all the things we have discussed. If you’ve been following our blog, (I sincerely hope that you are, for the sake of my job!) you probably know enough about suits to walk into a boutique and suit yourself, pun intended.

So now I am going to focus on why you need to get a suit. Today.

You are a brand, representing who you are. So how you dress and present yourself matters. Sure, you could walk into a meeting wearing a tie with a shirt and pants or you could give that presentation wearing Abercrombie denims, but you will not make the statement the guy wearing a 2 piece full wool suit makes. Which is why, it is time to refresh your wardrobe.

1. You Can Never Have Enough Suits


Sure, you have a navy blue suit. But how about a pastel blue blazer? Every colour has a purpose and an occasion that calls for it. A charcoal grey suit works wonders at the office. But for high tea? That demands a something less business like. Maybe a nice light grey suit. Even a windowpane sports jacket would be nice for that occasion. Imagine you’re going for  the Mamma Mia musical at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. You do not want to gain like you would go for a client meeting. You also don't want to dress up like you are still in college. Something classy, like a grey blazer with blue pants is more your style. The point is, how many suits are too many suits? (Hint: It’s a trick question).

2. Change With Times


Remember how stripes were all the buzz back in the day? Everyone wore pinstripes. They were everywhere. And then suddenly no-one was wearing it. Well, they are back in fashion. And that’s the thing with fashion. It is always changing. Like Clooney said, ‘change is the only constant’. Every couple of years a new trend comes about. I am not saying that you must let that guide you purchase decisions. Only that, it is a nice excuse to go out there an add to tour collection. After all, suits make a very classy collection. 

3. Try Something New


Do you consider yourself as conservative? Is your wardrobe an avalanche of blues and greys? I would be a good idea to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and try a new colour. I am not suggesting a pink suit, (although if you truly believe in yourself, with confidence you can pull that off as well), but maybe pastel suits or even beige ones would be a pleasant change. 

4. Pamper Yourself

When was the last time you spent time with yourself? Draw up a nice bath, get a spa, buy a nice thing? You are special and you deserve something special. A suit is always a nice present. It’s something just for you, a suit enhances your appearance and most of all, it is personalised since it is customised.

5. It’s Festive Season


The Diwali lights are still up and by the time they are taken down, Christmas lights will be everywhere. New Years would be just around the corner and before you know it, it would be Chinese New Year. You are looking for presents for everyone. Maybe, buy them a suit. Buy yourself a suit. What better time to indulge in gifts for yourself and others than now?

Matthew Lim