What to wear for your SuitYourself appointment?

Congratulations! You’re on your way to owning a suit made specially for you. You should be pumped and anxious because the fabric and customization choices at your disposal are endless! Before you grab your shorts and tank top down to our showroom, we strongly recommend you to wear a proper outfit. Afterall, it is paramount that our skilled style guides understand your body structure and preferences to give you the most reasonable fit for each suit. Still don’t understand why dressing appropriately matters? Here are some proper outfits ideas and why you should be wearing them.

  • Well-fitted Formal shirt and pants

Since suits are most commonly paired with a dress shirt and pants, do wear the best fitting ones to your appointment. Think of the appointment like you’re going for an interview, where you put your best foot forward. This is so that we can replicate the same look, if not better—just the way you like it! You’ll be able to make better customization after visualizing the suits on your outfit when our style guides recommend you.

  • Well-fitted Polo Shirt

The next outfit you can opt for is a polo tee. Dubbed one of the most underrated menswear pieces because many Singaporeans refuse to wear it. A well-fitted polo tee will create the V-shaped taper most guys seek. This is because the collar and button placket create a nice structure for the top to drape over your chest. This is great for your appointment as our style guides can visualize your body profile at a glance and recommend the most reasonable fit for your suit.

  • Chinos

Chinos is a great bottom for you to wear to your appointments. Constructed from thinner materials, chinos allows for our style guide to measure more accurately and assess the muscle composition below the waist more easily than denim. You should be aware that measurements on the crotch, hips and thighs are important to ensure that you not only look sharp standing, but also sitting. We place equal amount of details on pants as well as jacket

  • Innerwear

An alternative is to have an innerwear on you. An innerwear is meant to be worn under your actual outfit, hugging your body to wick moisture and regulate your body temperature. This is a great item to wear as your style guide can effectively measure your body structure, identifying the measurement points easily, and pinpoint any customization when needed. You’ll also be able to easily gauge how the suit will look on you and express your preferences.

And here’s a list of outfits you should not wear simply because our precision will be affected:

  • Thick raw denim

  • Baggy sweatpants and joggers

  • Oversized sweatshirts

  • Ill-fitting T-shirt

At SuitYourself, fit is king. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your suit to gain that extra confidence when achieving the goals you set. It all begins from your choice of outfit when you collaborate with our style guides during the appointment!