Different fit for your suit

“How do you want your suit to be?” A question often leaves our client flabbergasted yet the most crucial before beginning the tailoring journey. The aesthetics and functionality you want to achieve out of the suit will guide you in the right fit for your suit. As everyone has different needs, SuitYourself provides you with 3 different fit:

  • Slim Fit

  • Smart/Modern Fit

  • Regular Fit

Infographic Creedit:  http://www.communitycounselingservicesli.com/macys-wedding-suits/

Infographic Creedit: http://www.communitycounselingservicesli.com/macys-wedding-suits/

Slim Fit

Slim fit suits give you the sharpest and most presentable look of all the fits. An exaggerated V-shaped tapper on your body as well as a snug fit along your arms and legs are to be expected. Although it is slim fit, our measurements allow you to still be appropriate and comfortable for formal setting. As a result, don’t expect it to fit like a second skin, rather, a gentle hug is a better analogy.

A limited range of motion should be expected and as a result you will not be able to lift your hands any higher than 90 degrees in a slim fit suit. Should you opt for this fit, some of the ways to allow wider range of motion is to unbutton the jacket, or simply not wearing it, when not needed.

Choose a slim fit suit for presentations, interviews, meetings and proms as you will look very sharp and sleek for these occasions.

Smart/Modern Fit

Smart fit suits focus on mobility for the wearer. It retains a V-shaped tapper but unlike slim fit, the suit won’t hug your body as much. They will be roomy, just enough to give you a smart aesthetics. One thing for sure is that you won’t look like you’re from a different era.

A smart fit allows you to increase your range of motion and work with your jacket on. This is well-suited for those who are constantly on the move.

Choose a smart fit suit should you be required to wear a suit occasionally and are always going places, especially in sunny Singapore, where it can get warm.

Regular Fit

Regular fit suit places comfort at the forefront. There will be ample of room in your arms and legs to move around. Although a V-shaped tapper will not be prominent, don’t expect to have a boxy appearance as every part of the suit is measured to follow your body structure.

Range of motion in a regular fit suit is extended allowing you to move much wider.

Despite the benefits of a regular fit, not everyone is suitable for this fit. Larger-framed and mature man are more suited for this as the waist is intended to sit higher above the waist to achieve a high rise. The pans will also have a straight cut.

No matter what fit you opt for, our style guide will always get your feedback on the areas you’d like to have more room or tapered so that you will always feel confident in your suit to achieve your goals! Make an appointment with us below.