Understanding the right type of tailored jacket for you

Not all suits are made the same because we collaborate with each of you to enhance your unique identity. The suit jacket alone has several variations that creates confusion to both amateurs and professional alike. To set the record straight, there are generally 3 types of tailored jackets:

  • Sports Jacket

  • Suit Jacket

  • Tuxedo Jacket

Sports Jacket

Often worn for relatively informal events and weekend gatherings, sports jackets are meant to be less structured and relaxed to match the purpose. They are often constructed from thinner fabrics to emphasize comfort and breathability for outdoor wear in Singapore. Louder colours and prints can also be incorporated to express more personality, differentiating it from the (usually) conservative suit jackets.

Sports jackets are suitable to be paired with chinos, dark-washed denim and even… shorts!

To get a sports jacket made, ask our outfitter for advice on the following things:

  • Thin, breathable materials made of higher wool composition

  • Checks, patterned and textured fabrics

  • Advice on shoulder padding removal for a less structured look

Suit Jacket

Suit jackets are the most versatile type of tailored jacket for most professionals. Often worn during formal events and corporate settings, suit jackets are structured to give a sharp silhouette that boost confidence. They are generally conservative in terms of colours and patterns to respect various office dress codes. Navy blue and charcoal grey are often the go-to colours for suit jackets. These colour makes room for creative expression in the accessories department such as ties and socks.

Suit jackets are most recommended to be paired with matching suit trousers. As such, it is advisable to get an extra pair of trousers when purchasing a 2-piece suit. This is because the bottoms are more prone to discoloration as compared to the jacket, due to prolonged and frequent wear.

To get a suit jacket made, ask our outfitter for advice on the following things:

  • Navy blue or charcoal grey fabrics

  • Purpose of the suit

  • Suit care and maintenance tips

Tuxedo Jacket

Tuxedo jacket are the least versatile type of tailored jacket as they are a requirement for only one purpose: Black tie events of highest formality. Like suit jackets, tuxedo jackets are structured with little room for customization. They’re almost uniform-like since only black fabrics are appropriate. The jacket details are also very specific and unique to the occasion.

Tuxedo jackets are paired with matching trousers to create a cohesive, formal and polished look.

To get a tuxedo jacket made, ask our outfitter for advice on the following things:

  • Black fabric

  • Tuxedo-specific customizations

  • Wing-tip collar shirt

Now that you know the different types of tailored jacket, which one is best suited for you? Make an appointment with us below to begin your tailoring journey!