Do you need a suit in polytechnic?


Right off the bat, I can tell you that your future lecturers and tutors do not expect you to purchase a suit for the countless presentations in your various modules… That said, what are your expectations for yourself?

I know some of you have a game plan in place, already having your career planned out. You may want to take this opportunity to connect with your lecturers and tutors who may be valuable industry leaders. Or you may be in clubs and CCAs that requires you to build networks with people outside your school. These different situations will require you to invest more in your personal grooming game to stand out from the crowd.

For that you should get a suit made to measured specially for you. As a young adult, you are a growing individual. You may think buying off-the-rack suit might suffice, especially if it is a little too big as you will eventually grow into them. The reality is, the tutors, lecturers, clients and stakeholders you are networking with can easily identify someone whose grooming game is not strong! As much as one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, first impression ultimately matters.

So, what is the difference between made to measured suits like those from SuitYourself vs commercially available off-the-rack suits?

Our outfitters at SuitYourself take dedicated attention when consulting you and analyzing your needs. For polytechnic students like you, we usually recommend a smart fit that frames your structure reasonably well but allows for more buffers (or... spaces) considering your potential physical growth over the years. This allows you to stretch your dollar and keep the suit for a longer period. Versatile colours and customizations will also be offered to you because our outfitters know that this suit will be your go-to wardrobe piece for people to take you seriously.

You may have note that the suits commercially available in shopping centres are often ill-fitting in one way or another. It may be the length of the jacket, length of the sleeve or the width of your shoulders. That is because the jackets are often modeled over a generic sample size that do not reflect you specifically. These issues are often eliminated if you set your sights on made to measure suits.


Are suits too overdressed?

If you are worried that a suit may be too overdressed for your needs, get a shirt that is tailor made for you. It is a safer investment and you’ll have more frequent use out of the article. A tailored shirt often leaves you looking smarter and more well-groomed because your shirt remains tucked in. This is because there are less excessive fabrics around your waist making you look well-kempt and confident.

At the end of the day, remember to invest in yourself because first impression matters, and your knowledge and soft skills are the secret to create meaningful network, during your polytechnic journey, that may last a lifetime.